My name is Amanda. I am married with 3 gorgeous kids, living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Since becoming a mum I have reflected on the beautiful New Zealand that I was so blessed to grow up in. I look around and see how our country is changing over the years and realize that my children and my children’s children will not enjoy that same blessing if we collectively continue to treat the planet the way we do. That saddens me and I am committed to making environmentally-friendly changes in my life and to raise my kids to be mindful of the environment in their lifestyle choices. Hopefully I can be a good example.

The task of saving our earth seemed a little overwhelming to me. So instead of putting it in the ‘too hard’ basket and doing nothing, I decided to break the task down into more achievable ‘bits’. I’m committing to make small, achievable changes regularly (at least 4 per year), in a bid to ‘do my bit’.

This website is a diary of my journey. I hope it inspires you to consider how you can be more environmentally-friendly. There are others out there who are far more committed and inspiring than I, whom I greatly admire. I am just a regular consumer trying to make one small, positive change at a time - because I believe that if we all do a little, collectively it adds up to a lot.

I have called this site EcoMum because my children are my motivation to care for this earth our God has given us to be stewards over. The reality is that we probably won’t feel the effects of our mistreatment of this Earth, it is the future generations that will. Let’s ‘do our bit’ to ensure a bright future for them.


Monday, March 30, 2009


I've been meaning to buy a new answerphone for a couple of years now, ever since our last one started making an incessant, loud, buzzing sound that drove me nuts! And I'm glad I never got around to it because now I know that subscribing to Telecom's Call Minder service is a much more environmentally friendly option. Call Minder answers your calls and takes messages for you when you can't. You can link up to five Telecom phones/mobiles to one Call Minder message box, and you can collect all messages from all linked phones with one phone call. Now you can't do that with an answerphone! You'll also save money on power (answerphones use power 24/7) and avoid the environmental impact of manufacturing the answerphone, it's packaging and transport to the shop, your transport to the shop to buy it, and disposal of it when you don't want it anymore.
(Please note Call Minder is not available in all areas.)
Helping to reduce landfill.


  1. AND we got it free for a year, so even cheaper!!!! Everyone's a winner!

  2. Hey what happened to your compost post?? I tried to click on it but it says it doesn't exist?? xx

  3. Hi Simoney, compost post is back now, just added a few things, sorry about the confusion.