My name is Amanda. I am married with 3 gorgeous kids, living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Since becoming a mum I have reflected on the beautiful New Zealand that I was so blessed to grow up in. I look around and see how our country is changing over the years and realize that my children and my children’s children will not enjoy that same blessing if we collectively continue to treat the planet the way we do. That saddens me and I am committed to making environmentally-friendly changes in my life and to raise my kids to be mindful of the environment in their lifestyle choices. Hopefully I can be a good example.

The task of saving our earth seemed a little overwhelming to me. So instead of putting it in the ‘too hard’ basket and doing nothing, I decided to break the task down into more achievable ‘bits’. I’m committing to make small, achievable changes regularly (at least 4 per year), in a bid to ‘do my bit’.

This website is a diary of my journey. I hope it inspires you to consider how you can be more environmentally-friendly. There are others out there who are far more committed and inspiring than I, whom I greatly admire. I am just a regular consumer trying to make one small, positive change at a time - because I believe that if we all do a little, collectively it adds up to a lot.

I have called this site EcoMum because my children are my motivation to care for this earth our God has given us to be stewards over. The reality is that we probably won’t feel the effects of our mistreatment of this Earth, it is the future generations that will. Let’s ‘do our bit’ to ensure a bright future for them.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cloth Nappies

Washing is the bain of my life so actually choosing to take on more was BIG for me! However when looking at our landfill contribution and the proportion of it that was nappies, it became obvious that making the change to cloth nappies would result in the biggest reduction. When researching cloth nappies it was all a bit confusing until I found this website, which gave a brief summary of the different types including a demonstration video of each type being put on. The modern cloth nappies are a world away from the ones my parents used and there are loads of different brands out there to choose from (and cheaper imitations available on Trademe). Some of the things I considered were cost, absorbency, bulkiness, drying time, ease of use and ease of washing. I opted for one size fits all ‘pocket’ nappies with Velcro, used in conjunction with biodegradable flushable liners to catch the poo so as to make washing tidier and easier. I bought mine second hand on Trademe (7 months use) because I only have one child left to use them and she’s already 9 months old. All up I paid just under $200 for 14 nappies with 28 inserts and 500 biodegradable liners. I would spend that much on disposables in about 7 months so I’ll be saving money, even with the extra water, electricity and washing liquid taken into account. We’ve been using them for a few weeks (see the gorgeous photo of my eco bub) and the washing hasn’t been cumbersome. I have to change them more often than I would a disposable to avoid leakage but now that I'm in that routine it's no big deal. The nights have been a bit leaky so I've gone back to disposables at night and will try to find the most environmentally friendly brand.
Helping to reduce landfill.

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